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About Us (2023)

For several years now, Meriam has been wondering which of the four “components” associated with our travels would fail first: Our 2002 Ford Truck (with 430,000 miles), Our 2003 Lance Truck Camper (with over 300,000 miles), Harold (with 80 hard driven years), or Meriam (still a babe in the woods).

Well, it seems the truck camper made the first “dive”. A couple of weeks ago, we put the camper on the truck, in preparation for a two-week trip to our favorite fishing spot in Missouri. We were in Marshall, TX (a nearby town) obtaining some needed items. Upon crossing a residential street, we encountered what Meriam calls an “inverted bump” (basically a drainage dip for rain runoff). As we drove across this dip, the rear leg of the camper (on the passenger side) bottomed out and dislodged the leg. While not a fatality to the camper, it required some significant repair work. Thus, our fishing trip was terminated 🙁 .

As a side note — One does not want to view the expression on Meriam’s face when she realized her summer trips were in jeopardy!