Lee’s Ferry

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we took a somewhat circuitous route, headed south, then east and finally north, to Lee’s Ferry National Recreation Area. As you might recall, Lee’s Ferry is the beginning of the Grand Canyon as well as the starting point for river rafting trips through the Grand Canyon. In times past, we had visited Lee’s Ferry but looked forward to a renew visit.

However, we scheduled a most important early morning stop along the way…breakfast at Cameron Trading Post in Cameron, AZ. It seems that Cameron Trading Post serves a magnificent omelet smothered in green chili…a most if you are within a 100 mile radius of the trading post. After visiting Lee’s Ferry, we spent some time at Zion National Park before heading home. We are not posting anything on Zion since we have covered this great National Park on previous trips.

A magnificent handwoven Navajo Rug on display at Camden Trading Post. Think how long it must have taken to weave this!
Approaching Lee’s Ferry, one is presented with this magnificent view. Unseen in the foreground crevice, the Colorado River continues etching it relentless eroding of the beginning of the start of the Grand Canyon.
Think how long it has taken this relatively small river to etch the Grand Canyon!
One of the highlights of visiting this area is getting a glimpse of a California condor, one of the most endangered bird species in the world!
I zoomed in on the previous photograph to get a more detailed view of this condor. In 2022, there were 561 condors with 347 in the wild and 214 in captivity. The have a wing span of almost 10 feet and are known to soar at an altitude of more then 15,000 feet
Driving to the end of the road at Lee’s Ferry, we encountered a group of rafters getting ready to launch their rafts for their 12 day trip though the Grand Canyon and on to its end.
Check out some of the gear…
The rest of the gear is already in the raft!
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  • Sharon MLove the river and rug photos. Great photography!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldThanks, Sharon…we enjoy bringing the pics and commentary to everyone.ReplyCancel

  • mao  How do they know which bag holds their pjs?
    I will miss the travel in your treehouse, but know you find a way to continue your travels.  Thanks for the ride!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldMAO, since these raft rides have both male and female, I suspect they don’t have PJs. If they do, I like to ride along. Regarding the tree house, hopefully we will find a way to travel and bring good blog/commentary!ReplyCancel