Red Rock Canyon

We have traveled many of America’s Scenic Byways, and this one does not disappoint. This canyon area encompasses several interesting places to explore/visit including the Cities of Sedona and Cottonwood, many of the early American Indian sites, and Red Rock State Park.

This whole area spans approximately 700 square miles of public land.

Downtown Sedona, is nestled amongst towering red rock cliffs. A visitor’s haven. Meriam and I enjoyed wandering the streets, topping off our visit with a massive ice cream treat…low cal of course.
This panorama was taken from the outdoor seating area where we enjoyed our ice cream.
This panorama of the formation known as Cathedral Rock, located on the Red Rock Scenic Byway, is not far from downtown Sedona. While we found this view interesting, we could not identify a Cathedral. However, another photograph from a different direction will clear up the mystery.
A closer view of Cathedral Rock.
The obligatory “here we are at Cathedral Rock” photograph! Do we look like tourists or what?
The entire area of Red Rock Canyon is a hiker’s haven…and no, we did not hike to the top.
In the middle of the City of Sedona is a large plateau that serves as the city’s airport. In addition, it provides some great scenery of the surrounding area.
A panorama taken from the airport plateau. Portions of the city can be seen in the distance.
As we headed towards a visit to Red Rock State Park, we discovered how Cathedral Rock acquired its name. Notice the cathedral-like spires in the middle.
Spotted on a short hike in the Park.
YAPORR (Yet Another Photograph OF Red Rocks)
A panorama taken during our hike. We particularly like the color contrasts.
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  • mao  That last view of Cathedral Rock reminds me of Gaudi’s Sagrads Familia in Barcelona.  Beautiful pictures.ReplyCancel

    • HaroldMAO, we would certainly like to visit Gaudi’s Sagrads Familia but it would have needed to be at least 15-20 years ago.ReplyCancel

  • SharonBeautiful pictures!’ReplyCancel

  • Bettie Green IvieThank you for including us!  Loving it!  Safe travels!  Yes, to the comment about the amazing church in Barcelona!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldBettie, did you and MAO travel at the same time? We suspect it was beautiful. We enjoy your comments!ReplyCancel

  • Marvin IvieI particularily liked the pix showing off your extremely white legs….but, Meriam takes first prize.  Wow, you got lucky.ReplyCancel

    • HaroldMarvin, as Meriam would say “No comments from the peanut gallery” 🙂ReplyCancel

  • ChristiLOVE SEDONA, beautiful pics !!!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldYes, Christi…It is a very endearing location.ReplyCancel

  • GaryYa’ll must be having a great timeReplyCancel

    • HaroldWe are having a great time, Gary. Particularly visiting some places we have never been to.ReplyCancel