About Us (2020)

As we all know, 2020 arrived and brought with it COVID-19! Being in the “elder” group category, Meriam and I are being as cautious as possible. In fact, Meriam has given me the title of “Corona Nazi”. Needless to say, after more than 3 months hibernating we are both “fraying” around the edges. As we approach the time of our annual trek away from the Texas heat we wondered where we could go and still be about as safe as we are at home. We decided to take our trip back to the mountains in Wyoming and Montana. COVID cases are fewer there (at least compared to most other states) and it’s usually much cooler than Texas. We feel relatively safe making this trip since we have our camper which provides us with sleeping accommodation, a kitchen, bathroom, and shower facilities. This minimizes our contact with the “outer world”. We have also developed some sanitizing protocols which should help in those instances where contact with the general public is necessary.

Our goal is to spend most of our time “off the grid”, camping in remote places and enjoying mother nature.

As usual, we will continue to publish our blog although we suspect the content will be rather tame compared to other years.

We hope you will travel along with us again this year.

Harold and Meriam