A Christmas Trip to Rockport, TX

This past Christmas, we took a short trip to see family in Montgomery, TX (to see our son Darren and his wife Carissa), Houston, TX (to see Meriam’s niece Tiffany and her family), and Rockport, TX (to see Meriam’s brother Ken and his wife Sandy). No trip to Rockport would be complete without an excursion to do early morning photography of a few of the hundreds of bird species/varieties in the Rockport area. Ken acted as our guide and bird spotter. He is a master photographer and very knowledgeable of the scenery and birds of the area.

Stay tuned for our Spring trip to New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah!

Fishing boats moored along the pier in the early morning.
Great weather for early morning photography.
Eurasian Teal Duck. Think it was a little Cool this morning? The next photograph shows him after it warmed up some!
The Teal now looks like how a duck should look!
Roseate Spoonbill
Great Blue Heron
Black-necked Stilt. This guy makes a very distinctive trail in the sand as he walks along.
American White Pelicans — They seemed to be everywhere.

All the above birds were photographed at one of the many viewing stations in Port Aransas.

The photographs below were taken at Goose Island State Park.

Tringa – Do you think he might be a bottom feeder?
Whooping Cranes – the tallest birds in North America.
A different kind of bird. This bird catches fish by the net full!
More American White Pelicans, however, these particular ones were a bit camera-shy.
This and the next photograph provided us with some amusement.

A handworkers club in the area spent hundreds of hours crocheting and knitting these post covers. Amazingly, not one of them seemed to be tampered with!

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  • Gary HuntGreat pictures, Thanks ReplyCancel

    • HaroldThanks, Gary. It was a short but fun trip.ReplyCancel

  • Laura OmerWay cool!  Beautiful birds and life!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldThank you, and Happy Birthday, Laura!!!ReplyCancel

  • ChristiJust wonderful. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldThanks, Christi, you are most welcome.ReplyCancel

  • LisaLove these!  Thank you for sharing!  Sure do love and miss you both.  ❤️ReplyCancel

    • HaroldThanks, Lisa. Most pleased to hear you are feeling better!ReplyCancel

  • maoI love your pictures!  Can’t wait to see what you plan for your trip this summer.  I will travel with you.ReplyCancel

    • HaroldMAO, great to hear from you! Hopefully, we will be visiting a few places this spring that are out of the ordinary.ReplyCancel

  • Raymond SandersGreat pictures, we love the birds at Rockport!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldThanks, Raymond. I’ve never been much of a bird photographer, but the variety of birds there makes it easy to get some good shots.ReplyCancel

  • KayWhat a treat on this foggy, gray morning!ReplyCancel

    • HaroldThanks, Kay. BTW, there is a great Newfoundland song entitled “Gray Foggy Morning”. Help me remember and I’ll play it for you sometime.ReplyCancel

  • Alishia FergusonBeautiful shots…ReplyCancel


    • HaroldDon, Thanks for the compliment. However, my skill pales in comparison to your musical ability and Ken’s photographic eye!ReplyCancel

  • MardeeThank you so much for sharing! It made me warm up for a minute or two.ReplyCancel

  • Swann and LutherOh we loved seeing all the beautiful birds!  And the cute post covers!  Thanks for sharing!  We love Going on yalls trips!!😊ReplyCancel

    • HaroldGood Morning, Swann. We miss seeing you guys! Thanks for the compliment. We live the interaction with folks on the blog.ReplyCancel